Tink Larson Field has been very special to me.  I have spent 50 years of my life coaching, playing and working on that field. Many great memories were made there and many great relationships were developed during games on the field, and before and after games in the clubhouse.  Many fans and former players have expressed to me their love and memories of the field and their sorrow at the loss of the grandstand due to a fire.  We hope to be able to rebuild the grandstand so that future generations of players and fans can enjoy the same memories as did the previous generations.

Tink Larson

Tink Larson Field is more than a baseball field to me. I grew up there watching, playing, and enjoying the gathering of community members. The gathering of people at Tink Larson Field taught me more than just a baseball game. I will be forever be grateful that I had that kind of place for kids to go when I was growing up there. It is truly a special place that sometimes gets taken for granted. I have been in a lot of communities watching baseball games and I really find it hard to find a place like Tink Larson Field. I am excited to see the stadium come back to life and the opportunities it will allow other community members to have!

Adam Christ


Assistant Baseball Coach
University of Illinois
Waseca Bluejay #6
​Class of 1998
When I was a young boy, I aspired to play at Tink Larson Field one day. I knew that if I worked hard, stayed out of trouble and caught a few breaks along the way, I had a chance to take the field at a beautiful ballpark with my teammates and play a great game with family and friends watching from the bleachers, from the first base line or sitting on tailgates out in right field. Even after my baseball playing days, Tink Larson Field remained a part of Waseca’s identity for me. It went from a place of inspiration to a place of pride. When I brought my college girlfriend, who I eventually married, to Waseca for the first time, the first place I showed her was Tink Larson Field. Waseca is a beautiful southern Minnesota town and there isn’t much that strikes at the core of that identity than a ballgame being played under the lights on a warm summer night at Tink Larson Field. It is classic, it is Americana and it is Waseca.

Mike Wobschall


Minnesota Vikings Entertainment Network Content Manager
Waseca Bluejay #16
Class of 2002
Tink Larson Field has always been a second home to me.  It is a very special place.  Every time I return home to Waseca, I drive past the field.  And smile.  I was blessed to play at such a special place, but more so the Field to me is about people.  The special people involved with the Field made me a better person and make me feel grateful to still be apart of the Waseca Community even though I don't live in Waseca anymore.   I'm excited to see the Grandstand rise and for the Field to become whole again so that others can thrive, develop, and grow as I was luck to do! -

Nick Rathmann


Athletic Director at Blake
Waseca Bluejay #20
Class of 1999
It was the summer of 1999, when Chuck Fuller asked me to accompany him to umpire a Legion Game in Waseca. I was working the bases, as usual, because Charlie always worked the plate for Tink. We had a close call at second base where I called the Waseca runner out, Tink came flying out of the dugout wondering how I could make a call like that. Well Tink had his say, and then came back to give me more "instructions". Well that indoctrination led to a friendship that has endured long since with the entire Larson Family. TLF is the finest field that I have umpired on. Let's rebuild it better than ever. Another story from our friend who is no longer with us Chuck Fuller comes from the one time Charlie had to throw his best friend Tink out of a game. As the story goes Tink was incensed about getting thrown out and was looking to his wife Sharon for support. Well what Tink got from Sharon was the response, "How do you think Charlie felt having to throw you out of a game?" Tink responded with why would she care about Charlie ahead of Tink? We all had so many laughs about that one. Those are memories you can't make up ever. 

Jake Kloeckner

I have so many memories at Tink Larson as I reflect on them it is hard to pick just one and I can't. The thing I treasure most is the people I have formed long lasting relationships over the years. I have a unique perspective as I was a student manager of the 1990 State Championship Waseca High School Baseball team, broadcaster, writer, volunteer coach and die hard baseball fan. I have spent my life doing my best to describe our own field of dreams to others. Tink Larson Field is my second home and every time I come back to Waseca I have to drive by it. We must rebuild it so future generations can develop that same joy and love for baseball. 

Marshal Cawley


Waseca Bluejay Student Manager
Class of 1991
I have chosen a path in education and coaching because of the environment created by TLF Field and the experiences it provided me. TLF Field was the part of town where I felt like people cared about me. I felt safe. I felt as if anything was possible and there were people willing to help me reach my dreams. There was a community of people that regardless of background, age, appearance, people would gather and take pride in being linked to one another.  This part of our community is far more than just a building and field. It is a symbol of resilience, a symbol that shows that we care about the future of our young people, and a symbol of how we as a community take care of one another and value the purpose of gathering places.  Without the grandstand, community, and environment it enabled, none of this would have been possible. I will be forever grateful.  This isn't something we need to do for us or just for those that play baseball, this is for the young boy or girl riding their bike through town 20 years from now feeling safe and knowing that no matter what obstacles we face, Waseca is a place that shows what they value through genuine action and a community where they can one day raise a family of their own.

Andy Nelson


Director Outdoor Education - Punahou School
Waseca Bluejay #4
Class of 2002

Tink Larson Field
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